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Your heart pounds from the first knock on the door. You can hear your blood rushing in your ears, and your skin burns from anticipation.

When you turn the knob, and pull, it is like opening a door into paradise.  You knew she would be beautiful. You'd seen the pictures of her body, so clear, so perfect, so mesmerising. Her face, until this moment, had been a blur hinting at the promise which now stood before you. Until this moment she had been a fantasy. In this moment you know she is reality.

Her hair is silk drenched with candlelight, a dark exotic mane framing a classic face and sassy, knowing, mocha eyes. Her lips are full. Soft. Inviting. You wish, in that space between laboured breaths they were pressed against. She sees the look in your eyes and those generous lips curve into a smile which is pure sinner. There are no saints here tonight.

She knows what you want more than you do as her job is to know what you want and know you're going to get it. Though it won't be easy. This girl, this woman, won't go easy on you at all.

As she walks into the room her lips graze yours. The kiss is surprisingly chaste. A tease. A taste of what is to come. You can tell from the way her hips grind with each step she is a woman comfortable in her skin. In only her skin. Clothes may make the woman. For her it is the woman who makes the clothes. They are a sheath. A veil to be removed with aching slowness, so the wonder beneath blossoms in the light.

You watch her walk past. Her scent lingers. The gentlest brush of her hand, or her hip, on your groin as she floats by. Your world is hers now. Her world is everything--from the secret of who she is, to the hidden pleasures she will reveal to you. She is your mystery now. For just a little while, she'll be the adventure you've yearned for. Nothing else exists in this moment but the two of you, and passion.

Imagine those lips against your skin, the curve of her breast, nipple hard as a diamond pressed against your palm. Want, for the longest moment, the length of her legs wrapped around you. Wonder at the touch of her lips and supple tongue. The intimate breeze of her breath on your face, your chest, your stomach, your. She looks over her shoulder at you.

"I'm Estella...."

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